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Mars Albedo Map by Carlos Hernandez

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A Map of the Classical Albedo Features of Mars Produced by Carlos Hernandez.

Not all features noted on the map are visible to an observer at any one apparition/opposition as it depends upon the hemisphere of the planet that is pointing towards the earth (Northern Hemisphere during aphelic oppositions and Southern Hemisphere during perihelic oppositions) as well as the presence of dust and clouds over the surface of the planet over time.

The darker albedo features shown are typically visible during the majority of apparitions/oppositions.

The North and South Polar Caps (NPC and SPC) will change in size according to the current martian season over that hemisphere. The canal-like albedo features are due to a contrast effect between the light and dark zones over the surface.

Make a no-cost purchase and download the 300 dpi high-resolution digital copy of the Classical Albedo map of Mars for the observer to use as reference at the telescope.

About the Cartographer

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Carlos Hernandez M.D.Ambassador Carlos Hernandez has contributed his planetary observations to worldwide organizations including The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO, United States), British Astronomical Association (BAA, Great Britain), Oriental Astronomical Association (OAA, Japan), and many other excellent planetary amateur astronomer groups over many decades.