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Explore Alliance Presents: How Do You KNOW? – Episode #46: ''Mars Inside and Out"

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Aside from Earth, Mars is the most studied ecosystem by scientists today. With the process of collecting data from rovers and orbiting satellites we are learning more about the complexity of the weather, chemistry, and interior make-up of the Red Planet. 
Daniel Barth discussed the experiments that scientists are conducting using the data we have collected to get a better understanding of Mars's soil, atmosphere, water, and geology with the ultimate aim is focused on finding past and present life, and perhaps how to successfully support human life in a future colony.

The activities and materials provided free for the How Do You Know? program are based upon Dr. Barth’s award-winning book: Astronomy For Educators. This book is used as a resource in more than 5,700 schools across the United States and in more than 50 countries world-wide. Published as an Open Educational Resource Text, it is made available from the University of Arkansas Library Press.