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Directory of Explore Alliance Ambassadors

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Explore Alliance Ambassador - Doug Berger Janet Ivey-Duensing Robert Q. Fugate Explore Alliance Ambassador - Steve Siedentop
Doug Berger Janet Ivy-Duensing Robert Q. Fugate Steve Siedentop

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The Ambassadors of the Explore Alliance are individuals who are enabling the general public to understand a deeper level of scientific literacy. We believe that through a greater understanding of science, society will be more enabled to solve some of humanity's greatest challenges.

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Dr. Caitlyn Ahrens
Dr. Caitlin Ahrens
Goddard Space Flight Center - LRO
Dr. Ahrens is currently a NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland and a member of the LRO Diviner Science Team, specifically looking at ice at the lunar poles.
Explore Alliance Ambassador - J. Kelly Beatty
J. Kelly Beatty
Science Journalist - Sky and Telescope Magazine
Award-winning science journalist and astronomer. Protector of dark skies...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Doug Berger
Doug Berger
Comet Discoverer, Founder of Astronomy Day
In the early 1970s, Berger was serving as the president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California. It was during his tenure in this role that he conceived the idea of Astronomy Day...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Teresa Plymate
Teresa Bippert-Plymate

Lecturer - Outreach
Retired professional solar astronomer, now devoted to educational outreach in astronomy...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Adam Block
Adam Block
Astrophotographer - Lecturer - Outreach
Renowned for his astrophotography, he is known for his astrophotography workshops...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Shelley R. Bonus
Shelley R. Bonus

Astronomer - Educator - Lecturer - Outreach
Shelley Bonus is an astronomical historian and lecturer, an award winning performer...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Ronald Brecher
Astrophotographer - Lecturer - Outreach
Renowned astrophotographer and image processor who has spent the last two decades capturing stunning images of the night sky. His journey to becoming an astrophotographer began with his daughter's tearful nights...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Cesar Brollo
Cesar Brollo

Lecturer - Outreach
Based in Buenes Aires with Astronomia Saracco, Brollo is heavily involved in astronomy outreach throughout Argentina...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Zoe Chee
Zoe Chee
Lecturer - Outreach
Currently the interim Executive Director for Astronomers Without Borders, Zoe Chee has always had a passion for science and science education and enthusiasm for astronomy, volunteering with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Dawn Davies
Dawn Davies

Educator - Lecturer - Outreach
Dawn Davies is an amateur astronomer, science communicator, educator, and lecturer with a passion in making astronomy accessible to all...

Stephen J. Edberg
Stephen J. Edberg
JPL/NASA Planetary Scientist - Professional Astronomer
Edberg is a retired Scientist and professional Astronomer. Steve has also been a lifelong amateur astronomer, applying science to his works and educating the public about science in amateur astronomy

David Eicher - Editor in Chief of Astronomy Magazine
David J. Eicher
Editor - Author - Lecturer - Outreach
David Eicher is the Editor-in-Chief of Astronomy Magazine, a writer, a historian, a musician, and a popularizer of astronomy and space...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Fred Espenak
Fred Espenak
Eclipse Expert - Author - Lecturer - Outreach

Explore Alliance Ambassador Maxi Falieres
Maxi Falieres
Astrophotographer - Lecturer - Outreach
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Andrew Fazekas
Andrew Fazekas

Personality - Author - Lecturer - Outreach
An astronomy columnist for National Geographic's online presence and a contributor for television and radio known as The Night Sky Guy, Andrew Fazekas is also the  Communications Manager for Astronomers Without Borders...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Andrew Fraknoi
Andrew Fraknoi

Scientist - Educator - Author - Lecturer - Outreach
Fraknoi is a scientist and educator, who specializes in explaining developments in astronomy to the public in everyday language. He also works with teachers, museum educators, and young astronomers to help them be more effective in doing space-science education and outreach.
Starfire Optical Range - Air Force Research Laboratory
Dr. Fugate has been a trailblazer in the fields of atmospheric propagation physics, adaptive optics, and space surveillance. He is also an amazing amateur astrophotgrrapher.
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Jean Pierre Grootaerd
Jean-Pierre Grootaerd

Lecturer - Outreach - Founder of SSVI
Founder of Stars Shine for Everyone (SSVI) a science program for children with disabilities and disadvantaged young people worldwide, and Science4Girls targeting countries where sound education, especially for girls, is not evident. 

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Carlos Hernandez M.D.
Author - Outreach - Lecturer - Space Artist - Planetary Expert
Carlos has primarily maintained the role of a visual observer, keenly observing the Moon, planets, and deep sky objects since the inception of his astronomical journey. Over the years, he has produced drawings and paintings—both traditional and digital—depicting what he has observed through the eyepiece. He has been fortunate to have his planetary observations published worldwide.
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Donna and Donnie Houston
Donnie and Donna Houston
Educators - Outreach - Astrophotographer
Founders of Arkstar Astronomy an organization that is located in the heart of the Ozarks...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Jerry Hubbell
Jerry Hubbell
Science Imaging - Author - Outreach
VP of MSRO Science, Inc., Assistant Director of the Mark Slade Remote Observatory (MSRO) and VP Engineering for Explore Scientific...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Pranvera Hyseni
Pranvera Hyseni

Lecturer - Outreach
A global science popularizer, and the Founder and Director of Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Janet Ivey-Duensing
Janet Ivey-Duensing

Author - Lecturer - Outreach
The American Astronautical Society’s 2022 Sally K Ride Excellence in Education Award winner and a member of the Board of Advisors for Above Space. Janet is also recognized as a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador
Lecturer - Outreach - Educator
Public Events Coordinator for the RASC Montreal Centre, Member of the National RASC Education and Public Outreach Committee, and a Member of the Reach Out and Touch Space Panel on AstroRadio UK...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - John Johnson PE
John W. Johnson
Lecturer - Outreach
Serves on the board of directors for the Nebraska Star Party (NSP), Inc. He is the Director...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Mher Khachatryan

Mher Khachatryan
Lecturer - Outreach

 Since 2015 Mher has been part of the Armenian amateur astronomy club, Goodricke JOHN NGO, actively participating in various stargazing events, and popularizing amateur astronomy, while running operations with his brother Vachik, of SpaceShop 42... 

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Vachik Khachatryan

Vachik Khachatryan
Lecturer - Outreach
From his childhood Vachik was always curious about knowledge seeking as well as creating things with his hands, to see how the law of nature worked in action. A long-time member of Armenian Youth Aerospace Society he is currently operating a space research laboratory where he and his team are doing research in high altitude balloon platforms, CubeSats, and satellite onboard image processing projects, while running operations with his brother Mher, of SpaceShop 42... 
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Don Knabb
Outreach Educator - Lecturer
Don's passion for astronomy extends beyond organizational roles; he actively engages in outreach efforts. He teaches night school classes in beginner astronomy and participates in night sky observing events..
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Cari Letelier
Cari Letelier
Lecturer - Outreach - Night Astro Photographer
Explore Alliance Ambassador - David H. Levy
Dr. David H. Levy
Lecturer - Outreach - Author
Known for his comet discoveries and for his many books and articles on astronomers...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Simon Lewis
Simon Lewis

Lecturer - Outreach - Author
Vice President of the Canterbury Astronomical Society, one of oldest astronomical societies in the southern hemisphere...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Dr. Rosaly M. C. Lopes
Dr. Rosaly M. C. Lopes
Volcanologist - Lecturer - Author - Outreach
Recipient of the Carl Sagan Medal for Public Outreach, Rosaly Lopes is a planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Steve Mallia
Stephen Mallia

Lecturer - Astrophotographer - Outreach
President of the Mississauga Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and Founder of Ontario Telescope and Accessories...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Terry Mann
Terry Mann
Lecturer - Astrophotographer - Outreach
A lifelong astronomer and astrophotographer, Terry Mann is a former two-time President of the Astronomical League. Terry's interest in the stars started with her earliest memories...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Alain Maury
Alain Maury
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Outreach
Photographic scientist for the second Palomar Observatory sky survey, professional...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Mbonteh Roland Ndunge
Mbonteh Roland Ndunge

Educator - Lecturer - Outreach
Founder the Astronomy Club of Cameroon, Mbonteh is a Physics and Mathematics teacher in secondary school, living on the outskirts of Cameroon's city, Kupe-muanenguba...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Jack Newton
Jack Newton
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Author
Astronomer, best known for his publications and images in amateur astrophotography...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - John O'Neal
John O'Neal
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Outreach
John given countless presentations to the general public and to amateur and pro astronomers across the USA...

Michael Overacker

Astrophotography - Lecturer - Outreach
Since 2004, I have run an astronomy outreach program called Astronomy Mobile Outreach, through which I have presented 225+ outreach programs to over 12,000 people...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Charles Peek
Charles Peek

Photographer - Storm Chaser - Outreach
Peek travels the country to capture video and still images of dramatic storms for the Weather Channel...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Tom Pickett
Tom Pickett
Astrophotography - Lecturer - Outreach
Manages one of the world's largest online astronomy clubs, the ‘Facebook Astronomy...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Claude Plymate
Claude Plymate

Solar Astronomer - Lecturer - Outreach
Telescope Engineer and Chief Observer for Big Bear Solar Observatory's 1.6 meter Telescope...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Egon Reich
Egon Reich
Astronomer, Electronic Computer Engineer, and Astro photographer
Egon has worked on the 200" Hale Telescope located at the Palomar Observatory in California...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Stephen Ramsden
Stephen W. Ramsden

Solar Astronomer - Lecturer - Outreach
Ramsden is the Founder of the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project...
Explore Alliance Ambassador - Jessica Santiscoy
Jessica Santascoy

Lecturer - Outreach
NASA award-winning communications professional who specializes in engagement...
Felix Schlang
YouTube Channel Host - Outreach
Creator and Host of the "What About It?" channel, the largest YouTube channel in Germany about Space, Astronomy, and Science news...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Matthias Schmitt
Matthias Schmitt

Space Education Media - Lecturer - Outreach
Eclipse chaser, educator, outreach enthusiast, and Executive Producer of the award-winning animated kids STEM TV show Space Racers that is shown around the world in 35 different languages. Recipient of a NASA grant to educate the next generation of space explorers...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Dr. Shannon Schmoll
Dr. Shannon Schmoll
Lecturer - Outreach
Director of the Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University, she also serves as chair of the International Planetarium Society’s education committee and sits on the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee...
Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Dan Skoff
Dan Skoff
Chief Meteorologist - Lecturer - Outreach

The award winning Chief Meteorologist for KNWA, Dan Skoff is dedicated to educating the public about weather data interpretation.

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Pamela Shivak
Pamela Shivak

Lecturer - Outreach

Pamela Shivak is a social media astronomy, STEAM and outreach promoter. As a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador...

Dr. Seth Shostak of SETI

Dr. Seth Shostak
Senior Astronomer for the SETI Institute

Shostak has given lectures around the world, hosts SETI's weekly radio show/podcast Big Picture Science, has played himself numerous times in TV and internet film dramas, and has acted in several science fiction films.


Explore Alliance Ambassador - Steve Siedentop

Steve Siedentop
Astrophotographer - Outreach
Meet Steve Siedentop, whose journey into the world of amateur astronomy is a testament to the wonders of the night sky and the power of community.

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons
Astronomer- Educator - Lecturer - Outreach
An astronomer for over 40 years, Simmons is formerly the Executive Director of Astronomers Without Borders...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Marcelo Souza
Marcelo de Olivera Souza, DSc

Cosmologist - Physicist - Lecturer - Outreach
A professor of physics, Marcelo has organized many local and national astronomy and space exploration public educational outreach events, including the International Meeting of Astronomy and Astronautics held in Brazil each year.

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Maruska Strah
Maruška Strah

Organizer-Mediator- Lecturer - Outreach
Passionate about space and space law, Maruška's interest deepened with her work with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. Now the Executive Director for World Space Week, her mission is to protect global health and security in connection to space.

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Fiorella Terenzi

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi
Astrophysicist - Author - Musician - Outreach
Dr. Terenzi pioneered techniques to convert radio waves emanating from distant galaxies into sound, and through this work she has made the cosmos more accessible to her students and the public at large...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson
Astronomer - Scientist - Lecturer - Outreach
Thompson is an award winning JPL scientist, astronomer, and outreach icon. In addition to being on the Board of Trustees for the Mt. Wilson Institute, he often serves as Session Director of the observatory's telescopes. 

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Greg Turner

Greg Turner
Astronomer - Homeschool Educator
Astronomer, outreach enthusiast, and homeschool educator with a deep interest in science...

Explore Alliance Ambassador - John Unkovich
John Unkovich
Lecturer - Outreach
Founded the Columbia Astronomers. Established in 2011, the astronomy club...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Dr. Constance E. Walker
Dr. Constance E. Walker
Scientific - Outreach
Scientist at NOAO who specializes in education and public outreach...

Explore Alliance Ambassadors - Mike Weasner
Mike Weasner
Author - Lecturer - Outreach
A champion of dark skies, Weasner has devoted the better part of his life towards educational outreach in astronomy and dark sky preservation...

Explore Alliance Astrophotography Ambassadors - Vivian White
Vivian White

Lecturer - Outreach
The Director of Free-Choice Learning at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in San Francisco, Vivian White is known worldwide for her work in astronomy outreach....


Explore Alliance Ambassadors