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Scientific Astrophotography: How Amateurs Can Generate and Use Professional Imaging Data by Gerald R. Hubbell

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Springer; Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series; 333 Pages; Softcover

Written by Gerald (Jerry) Hubbell (of which he is related to the legendary astronomer Edwin Hubble), Scientific Astrophotography may seem daunting at first for the beginner because of the shear amount of information to digest. But if you read it through completely, and then review and practice in portions, you'll find that this book will help keep the beginner from developing bad habits that have to be "unlearned". For those who are familiar with astrophotography, this book will allow you to compare Hubbell's methods with what you are doing now to find nuggets of information that will help you improve or become better organized. 

Hubbell goes through the process of building and integrating your astronomical imaging system (AIS), component by component, how to set up and tear down. He gives you a clear method to plan your image data acquisitions and covers a variety of ways to make astrophotographs for scientific research, along with how to submit your data. There are thousands of useful tips that will take you far beyond just making beautiful images of the sky, to dig out and present the data that helps amateur and professional astronomers gain further insight into the workings of the cosmos. 

A very active member of the Rappahannock Astronomy Club and is an operator of the Mark Slade Remote Observatory (MSRO), Jerry Hubbell had a career as nuclear power engineer and is a regular contributor towards astronomical science. Hubbell is also the designer of Explore Scientific's PMC-Eight system and coordinates the OpenGOTO Community



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