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Losmandy GM8 - GM8 GLT

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Losmandy GM8 German Equatorial Mount with 7 lb. Counterweight, Gemini 2 GOTO System, and Folding LW Tripod

The GM8 is a great equatorial mount for telescopes with total instrument weight up to 30 lbs. Based on the Russell W. Porter Slip-Ring design, this German Equatorial mount is manufactured with all-machined aluminum and stainless steel, and finished in black with a durable hard anodize. Removable stainless steel 1–1/4 inch diameter weight shaft w/safety knob. A 7 lb. counterweight is standard equipment, and optional 11 lb and 21 lb counterweights are available. The GM8 is rated for 60 lbs. total capacity (instruments and counterweights combined).

Polar alignment adjustments are precision and smooth. For initial polar alignment setup, the GM8 has a bubble level and the mount’s latitude scale is laser etched in 2 degree increments for latitudes from 6–68 degrees.The equatorial head is supported by the Losmandy LW Folding Tripod with it’s continuously adjustable legs for precise leveling. The mount’s 1.25-inch stainless steel polar axis is hollowed to allow through the polar axis sighting of the Northern or Southern Celestial pole, and an optional Polar Scope, to help make precision polar alignments quick and easy. The unique fully locking tangent arm design for altitude adjustment for aligning to the celestial pole is from 6–68 degrees latitude, and sports a large easy-to-adjust aluminum knob. The single knob azimuth control is bi-directional with +/- 8.5 degrees adjustment.

The Gemini 2 GOTO System with its 40,000+ object library has a full color graphic touch screen to clearly display all functions. The hand controller also has a tactile four button array on the reverse side of the touch screen console for times when you need to feel buttons to control the mount (such as when wearing gloves). Although the Gemini 2 is a stand-alone unit, it can connect to a host computer, and is designed for astroimaging and remote operation of the mount.

Scott Losmandy is the designer of the world-famous GM8 mount and tripod that works with many popular-sized telescopes for the serious astronomer. A lifelong amateur astronomer, designer, and machinist, Losmandy understands the functional requirements of demanding astrophotography and astronomy. His designs are characterized by precision all-machined parts in aluminum and stainless steel that are not only beautiful, but built with strength that will handle heavy payloads for a lifetime of constant use.


  • Full Color Graphic Touch Screen clearly displays all functions
  • Auto color change from dawn to dusk
  • Classic four-button pattern for guiding, centering, moving and slewing on both the touch screen and a tactile membrane on the rear
  • 1 star alignment
  • Multi star modeling for accurate pointing on both sides of meridian
  • 30 arcsec all sky positional accuracy or better
  • Custom mount support using the Programmable Gear Rate function
  • Selectable GOTO, Slewing, Centering and Guiding Rate
  • GOTO rates up to 8 degs/sec (GM8)
  • DC Servos with high torque and smooth tracking
  • GPS-compatible with optional receiver
  • Stand-alone system. No PC required!
  • Ethernet 10/100 with full IP function permits operation from anywhere using a browser, ASCOM, or APP over the web or serial port
  • Non-Volatile Memory and Real-Time Clock
  • Internal Battery keeps settings and preferences stored between uses
  • English, French, Spanish & German displays
  • Over 40,000 objects
  • Two USB ports; Virtual COM to PC, ASCOM or planetarium program
  • Port F - multi-function serial; A/D I/O
  • Firmware upgrade via internet
  • Permanent PEC correction
  • Auto-Guide port (TTL)
  • Auto switch tracking rates
  • User define Park function
  • Search function
  • Identify function
  • Polar Align Assist
  • Polar Axis Correction
  • User define limit stops
  • Permanent Dec Backlash compensation
  • Electronic Balance Graph
  • Sidereal, King, Lunar, Solar, Terrestrial, Closed loop and Comet/user defined tracking rates
  • Synchronize function
  • Coordinate input
  • Bookmark set for your favorite objects
  • All objects displayed on hand controller are visible


  • All machined aluminum and stainless steel, black anodized.
  • All stainless steel hardware.
  • One 2.100"diameter needle thrust bearing.
  • One 2.000" diameter needle thrust bearing.
  • Two 1.500" diameter needle bearings.
  • 2.812" diameter, 7075 aluminum worm gear, 180 tooth.
  • Dual supported, ball bearing housed ground High Precision Brass Worm.
  • Variable slip clutch, both axis. One knob per axis design.
  • Porter Slip Ring Design
  • 1.250" diameter stainless steel shafts.
  • Through the axis polar scope mounting, works in Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Polar scope optional.
  • Instrument Weight Capacity 60 LBS
  • Equatorial head weight 21 lbs.


  • Full Color Graphic Touch Screen clearly displays all functions.
  • Classic four-button pattern for guiding, centering, moving and slewing on both the touch screen and tactile membrane on the rear.
  • Periodic Error Correction (PEC).
  • Programmable DEC. Backlash Compensation (TVC).
  • Control panel dimmer, Day and Night Modes.
  • Accepts auto-guider systems.
  • Northern and Southern Hemisphere operation.
  • Tiltable control panel for easy access.
  • Stand Alone System. No PC required
  • Ethernet 10/100 with full IP function permits operation from anywhere using a browser, ASCOM, or app over the web or Serial Port
  • DC Servos for improved accuracy with higher torque than steppers
  • Non-Volatile Memory and Real-Time Clock
  • English, German, French, and Spanish displays
  • Over 40,000 objects
  • USB ports; Virtual COM to PC, ASCOM or planetarium program.
  • Firmware upgrade via internet
  • Auto Guide Port (TTL)
  • Dual 12–18V DC input/output (3.0A)

CCD Autoguiding

This modular phone style outlet accepts the hand controller needed for guiding and moving the telescope. In addition, the outlet is wired to accept all SBIG Autoguiders when using the SBIG Relay Box. Push the connector on the cable into the outlet until the plastic tab clicks. To remove the cable, squeeze the plastic tab and pull away from the outlet. Phone jack splitters are available so that the hand controller and auto guider can be used at the same time.

12 VDC in

This outlet is used to supply power to the telescope mount. Your Losmandy G-11 comes standard with a DC adapter. To install, plug the connector into the electronic box first, then the power source.

12 VDC out

The 12 V DC OUT is for auxiliary accessories that require power, such as digital setting circles. The accessories need a plug like the one on the DC adapter. NOTE: Center core positive (+) plug.


Item Number GM8 GL
GOTO System Gemini 2; 40,000 Objects
Load Capacity Rating Total: 60 lbs. (27.22 lbs); Instrument Weight: 30 lbs. (13.61 Kilos)
Height to Center of Saddle With Tripod Adjustment Range: 26–44 Inches (0.66 - 1.12 meters)
Weight EQ Head is 21 lbs.


Limited Warranty is one year, which converts to the Explore STAR Transferable Extended Life of the Product Warranty when product is registered within 60 days of purchase. Click Here to register.

CA Residents: Prop 65 WARNING(S)